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Millen Interviewed by FOX 2

Matt Millen has really shied away from the media this past season, likely in an attempt to avoid the questions surrounding his horrific record as general manager.  However, he sat down with FOX 2's Dan Miller last week, and a video of the interview has been posted on  

The interview is pretty interesting to hear, especially considering it's rare that Millen gives one. There were a few tough questions directed towards Millen, but since Miller and Millen supposedly are long time friends, nothing really hard was pressed.

Anyways, here's the link to the video, and some of my favorite quotes from it.  Aside from the bad draft picks, signings, firings, and hirings, at least he has a sense of humor.

DM: You came into this thing with a great reputation in football...

MM: "Down goes Frazier!" (Laughs)

DM: When you see the paper, and it says "Fire Millen," and you see the sign that says "Fire Millen"...

MM: "I just get mad at my wife for standing out there so long with that thing."