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Lions Notes: Roy Gives a Tip

  • Roy Williams is learning how to give a tip. After saying recently that he doesn't believe in tips, the wide receiver has been widely criticized for the remarks. With that, he has learned that tips do matter and has changed his mindset.
    "I did order Pizza Hut (Sunday)," Williams told WDFN. "I got a calzone … it was $13 and I gave the guy a whole $20. "I gave him the six dollars and he went, ‘Is this all for me?’ … He was all excited. I guess I see where everybody’s coming from."
    Trying to jump in on the publicity coming from this story, Pizza Hut sent Roy Williams a letter regarding the situation.
    Dear Roy,

    We heard that you haven’t been tipping pizza delivery drivers, but recently chatted with one of our drivers and decided you need to start tipping. When a Pizza Hut pizza arrives hot and fresh, it’s easy to be distracted by all the deliciousness you’re about to enjoy, and our drivers certainly appreciate you taking the time to tip.

    But what about all the drivers who missed being tipped in the past?

    We’d like to issue you a challenge. Agree to work as a delivery driver for Pizza Hut for just one day in Detroit, and we’ll forgive all your previous tipping transgressions.

    Furthermore, we’ll collect all the tips you receive and donate them to the World Food Programme as part of our World Hunger Relief Week, which is kicking-off October 14.

    So, Roy, what do you say? There are a lot of hungry fans out there waiting.


    Scott Bergren President, Pizza Hut

    Roy actually is in contact with Pizza Hut, but the chances of him actually going out and delivering pizzas are slim to none. The safety hazard for Roy that would be created is far to worrisome as he would be going to random people's houses. Regardless, I'm glad to see he is tipping the pizza guy now.
  • Redskins tight end Chris Cooley thinks the Lions quit in the second half last Sunday because of the heat. I agree that the heat was a huge contributing factor, but I'm sure the fact they were getting demolished also played a helping hand.
  • Ernie Sims was on WDFN last week and had some interesting comments about getting hit in a place that no man wants to get hit in:
    When we were little kids like in pee wee football they used to make us wear jock straps. As we got older in high school, some kids wore them – I didn’t wear them in high school. In college pretty much nobody wore them. It’s just the type of thing that, I’ve got hit in the jewels before but it’s just that it doesn’t happen that much, so you don’t need to wear it.

    Nine times out of 10, you’ll end up messing up something else. Seriously, you rarely ever hurt that area. It’s the type of thing where if you play hard, if you play wall to wall and ball to ball you don’t have to worry about it.

    Sims also was on WDFN recently, and to check out that interview, click here.
  • Tight end Sean McHugh (hand), linebacker Paris Lenon (foot), and cornerback Tony Beckham (stinger) all suffered injuries against the Redskins. The severity of the injuries isn't too bad, I believe, and since the Lions are on a bye week, I'm hoping all three will have time to get back for the Tampa Bay game a week from Sunday.
  • Rod Marinelli got a little irritated with some of the questions at his press conference on Monday.

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