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Tatum Bell on the Trade Block?

Now that Kevin Jones is getting back into the running back rotation and is seeing more playing time, one has to wonder what that means for Tatum Bell.  Bell was traded to Detroit in the offseason as an insurance policy for Jones since the time he was out for with his injury was unknown.  Since Jones is back and may be ready to start playing full-time again, Bell could end up being the odd man out.

The main contributing factor that could get Bell shipped out of Detroit may not even be the fact that Jones is back.  Instead, a trade may happen because the running back position is thin for many teams.  One team that has that problem is actually where Bell was traded to Detroit from: Denver.  The Broncos will have to look to Selvin Young if Travis Henry is suspended due to failing a drug test, and may be in the market for a running back.  

When asked about the possibility of being traded, Tatum Bell had this to say:

"Nah," he said Monday when asked about the possibility of a trade. "I like it here. I like it where we're going. I think we're building, we got something special. I want to be a part of this, but if it don't work out I just got to move on."

Personally, I think it would be a mistake to trade Tatum Bell.  Although Kevin Jones may be ready to return to the running back position fully, you never know when another injury could happen.  On top of that, a two running back system is a nice commodity to have.  If one RB is ineffective, simply substitute the other one in.