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Roy Williams: Wide Receiver Turned Pizza Hut Delivery Man

You probably know the story by now. Roy Williams was interviewed and said that he is careful with his money. More specifically, he mentioned that he doesn't tip the pizza delivery man. After those comments were made, the whole situation actually turned into a big story and Williams took criticism for it. You can understand why considering it's not cool for an NFL player who makes millions of dollars to not spare a few bucks to tip someone that makes much less than him. Still, it was surprising to see the story blow up as much as it did.

Once word of Williams' cheapness spread, he actually did think about the way he does things and asked a Pizza Hut delivery man how much someone like him should get tipped. Eventually, the next time he got pizza, Williams did give the delivery man a tip, but the story didn't end there.

Pizza Hut's president, looking to get some publicity out of this whole story, challenged Williams to take off his football uniform for a Pizza Hut one for an afternoon. Williams thought about the proposition and accepted it, meaning he would become a Pizza Hut delivery man for a day.

That day was yesterday, as Roy Williams spent the afternoon delivering pizzas. He worked out of the Pizza Hut on Telegraph and received the guidelines of being a delivery man. There were actually many rules that were absolutely necessary to follow in order to stay safe. Every employee of Pizza Hut follows them, but they would especially be true for someone like Williams.

As Roy headed out, he donned the Pizza Hut hat and windbreaker, making his new job title for the day official. Williams went and delivered pizzas and also made a surprise visit to the NFL Youth Education Team Boys and Girls Club of Detroit. There he handed out pizzas and tried to teach the kids there a lesson about money. He held up a crumpled $100 bill and all of the kids quickly surrounded him. His point may not have been made to the kids, but what he was trying to get across is that no matter how crumpled something like that is, there will still be a want for it.

At the end of the day, Roy Williams was taught a lesson. He now knows that tipping the pizza delivery man is important because it is their livelihood. That's the case with many others in the business where tips are received, so when all was said and done, Roy learned that being cheap is wrong. Pizza delivery men everywhere, if you deliver a pizza to Roy Williams' house, expect to receive a nice tip for your work this time around.

Hopefully now we can just push this story to the side and get back to focusing on football. I guess this is what happens when the team you play on is on a bye week. All stories like this get blown up when there is nothing else to talk about.

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