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Tatum Bell Won't Like This: Jones to Start on Sunday

You want the good news or the bad news first? I'll first give you the good, actually, the great news. Lions running back Kevin Jones appears to be completely healthy and will get the start at running back on Sunday against Tampa Bay. He had slowly worked his way back on to the field and really started to take over the RB position in the second half against Washington. He played very well considering it was his first real return for a long period of time in a game since the injury to his foot, so this next move by the coaches makes perfect sense.

According to Tom Kowalski, you can expect Jones to get the bulk of the carries on Sunday and his backup, Tatum Bell, will only spell him from time to time. Considering the trade deadline passed yesterday and the Lions didn't trade Bell, just as they said, things could get ugly pretty soon. If Bell barely gets into the game as Jones fully returns, he will not be quiet about it. Already we know that he is pissed about getting less carries, and that was in one game. Now that Jones appears to be ready to take complete control of the starting job back, Bell will not see much playing time at all.

As long as Jones stays healthy and executes, I really don't expect to see a lot of Tatum Bell. I do feel for him considering the circumstances. He was traded to Detroit and didn't have any say in it when the move was made. For a running back, going to Detroit is far from ideal considering Martz is a passing-minded offensive coordinator. On top of that, he knew that Jones was there waiting to return from injury, but he probably didn't expect it to happen like this so quickly.

Just keep an eye on Bell's reaction after Sunday's game depending on how much time he spends on the field. You can bet he will be asked about the reduction of his carries, so prepare to have one angry running back.