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Blackout Lifted for Bucs Game

Remember when the home opener against Minnesota was almost blacked out?  Well, the same thing happened for home game #3 in 2007.  The Lions needed another extension to sell out the remaining tickets to lift the blackout for the Tampa Bay game.

With tickets still available on Thursday, the Lions had the usual deadline pushed back 24 hours and then sold the remaining tickets before the deadline arrived today.  I don't think there were as many tickets left for this game, so I'm sure Detroit didn't have as tough of a time getting rid of them.  Still, though, this trend is not something I like to see.  One of these times the Lions are going to have far too many tickets left and we could end up having the game blacked out in the Detroit area.

I guess I'll just worry about that when the time comes, but for now, Sunday's game will be on FOX 2 in and around the Detroit area.