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Week 7 Fantasy Take: From Top to Bottom

Fantasy football players out there are currently right in the middle of the season and the time to make your move is now. For me personally, I am experiencing two completely different things in my two leagues. In one, I am sitting comfortably at the top in first place and have scored the most points out of anyone by far. In the other league, however, thanks to Drew Brees and Steven Jackson, I am 0-7 and am dead last.

What's so interesting about the differences in the two leagues besides the record is how I can draft so well one time but then just completely do everything wrong another time. Right now, the players I drafted in my league where I'm in first are the same ones starting on a weekly basis. That obviously doesn't take bye weeks into effect, but I'm talking about the usual starters.

The other league, which we'll just refer to as "0-7" from now on, features an almost entirely different starting lineup. Since I can't count on most of the players I drafted from that trusty #2 spot, I have actually had to completely overhaul the roster. It still hasn't worked as I still am winless, but I have been improving each week and got very close to a win for a short period of time on Sunday. Of course, the margin of victory for my opponent was comfortable in the end, but at least I'm somewhat competitive now.

As we head into Week 8, we hit a crucial time in the fantasy football world. Right now a lot of teams are tied at the top of my Yahoo! league (where I'm 1st), so wins become vital to stay out in front. In my 0-7 league, I have given up all hope, although I still am gunning for win #1. At least then I can be on par with Notre Dame. That would make me feel a little better.