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2007 > 2006

It's a nice feeling to know that your team has improved enough to eclipse its previous season's win total after only 6 games.  In one way it really makes 2006 look even more horrendous then it already was for the Lions, but at the same time, it makes 2007 feel that much better.

As the Lions do make 2007 better than 2006, I think it's time to run through the NFC North again to asses where each team is at.  Since we're talking the Lions right now, let's just start with them.

With a 4-2 record, Detroit stands only 1 game out of first behind Green Bay.  As the next few weeks come and go, we will learn a lot about this team.  The real test will be on the road in my opinion.  Sure, Detroit could drop a couple at home in the near future, but winning on the road is one of the last things Detroit needs to do to become a good team.

The Lions started the season with a win at Oakland.  Since then, they have been blown out and beaten down in the other two road games.  With a game at Chicago coming up on Sunday, this is Detroit's chance to truly prove they are for real.

Moving ahead to the top spot in the standings, the 5-1 Packers are looking down on the rest of the division.  Can Green Bay keep it up after its bye week?  The Packers will have tough games the next two weeks on the road against the Broncos and Chiefs, so it'll be interesting to see how Favre and company play.

Shifting back towards the bottom of the NFC North, we find Chicago in 3rd place at 3-4.  The Bears beat Philly last week to keep their season alive.  The Bears really are playing for everything each week as a single loss could kill their fading playoff hopes.  This Sunday against Detroit is Chicago's chance to jump back into the NFC North title race and it really is a must-win situation.

Heading to the very bottom of the division, the Minnesota Vikings are the cellar dweller.  The Vikes are currently 2-4 and are really an up and down team.  One week Adrian Peterson went off on the Bears and the next is a tough loss at Dallas.  I wouldn't worry about Minnesota too much as they should fall out of the picture altogether with another loss.

Depending on the outcome of Sunday's game between Detroit and Chicago, this divisional title race could be down to two teams.  And hypothetically speaking, a Lions win and Packers loss puts Detroit in a first place tie.  First place!  Keep the wins coming.

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