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Week 8 NFL Schedule

I ended up with a 10-4 record for predicting Week 7 and now head into Week 8 hoping to do just as good or even better. With a few toss-ups thrown into the schedule this week, it'll be tough to equal that mark, but I will try.

For the Lions game, I am going with Chicago. Why? Well, Detroit just hasn't played well on the road recently and Chicago has seen the Lions once already this year. Even though it was only weeks ago, the Bears will be able to adjust so another record-breaking 4th quarter doesn't happen. At the same time, Brian Griese has really settled in as the Bears' starting QB and will undoubtedly be more effective than he was the first time. With all of that being said, I like the Bears in this game in a close one.

Watch and enjoy!

1:00 PM   NY Giants @ Miami (In London)
1:00 PM   Philadelphia @ Minnesota
1:00 PM   Detroit @ Chicago
4:15 PM   New Orleans @ San Francisco
4:15 PM   Washington @ New England

1:00 PM   Indianapolis @ Carolina
1:00 PM   Cleveland @ St. Louis
1:00 PM   Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati
1:00 PM   Oakland @ Tennessee
4:05 PM   Buffalo @ NY Jets
4:05 PM   Jacksonville @ Tampa Bay
4:05 PM   Houston @ San Diego

8:30 PM   Green Bay @ Denver