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Lions Want Their Money Back... Still

An arbitration hearing to settle the grievance filed by Detroit seeking $10.1 million of a signing bonus from Charles Rogers is likely going to be scheduled in the near future.

The hearing originally was set for May 10 but was postponed.

Setting a new arbitration date was discussed at the owners meetings earlier this week in Philadelphia, Tom Lewand, the Lions chief operating officer, said Thursday.
"They're going to let us know when they have a date," Lewand said. "I think they have to move things around, so there's no conflict with the arbitrator's schedule, or the NFL, or the NFLPA (players union).

"I expect it will be scheduled relatively soon."

It'll be interesting to see if the Lions do get any money back and if so, how it will affect the salary cap.  Rogers may not even have that much money left if he is ruled to give it back considering he's been out of football since being cut by Detroit.

Stay tuned.