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Go Broncos!

The Green Bay Packers currently are in first place in the NFC North by half a game.  With a game tonight at Denver, that lead will either be gone or will increase to a full game.  Since the team behind them in the standings is the Detroit Lions, I think it's time to let out a big cheer for the Broncos.

A Green Bay loss would mean a number of things, but the one that I find to be most important is seeing Detroit's name in first place after 8 weeks of the season.  It's nice to see Detroit in first after a week or two when they start the season without a loss or something like that, but to potentially be in first at the halfway point is really something.

The next few weeks will provide more tests that will tell us a lot about how this team will finish down the stretch, but my hope is that for at least 6 days we can discuss a first place team here at Pride of Detroit and actually be talking about the Lions.  Does it feel funny to even be talking about first place halfway through the season?  Yes, actually it feels very weird, but the change is welcomed with open arms.

As I said in the comments section of the game thread yesterday, I'm not going to utter the "P" word just yet.  A lot could happen and we could still end up greatly disappointed with this season, so I'm just going to let things play out before I even begin to think about the possibility of Detroit being in the... (I'll let you finish that sentence)

It is nice to think down the road and have positive thoughts, but staying current about what could be accomplished tonight is what I'm doing.  With that being said, Go Broncos!  A win for Denver puts Detroit in first place, so I'll be cheering for them tonight.  Of course, though, as soon as that game is over with, I will immediately start hating the Broncos as they come to Detroit next Sunday.  Since they're the Lions' next opponent, my advice is to watch Monday Night Football, which starts in a minute or two, to get an idea of what to expect this coming Sunday.