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Week 8 Fantasy Take: Now Winning in Both Leagues

After 8 weeks, I'm finally a winner in both of my fantasy football leagues.  I have had a solid year so far in my Yahoo! one as I am 6-2 and have sole possession of first place, but my CBS league has been a completely different story.  

Drafting players like Steven Jackson and Drew Brees quickly put my team into a big hole.  I went from thinking I had a great shot to do great things in the league to quickly realizing that I was screwed.  Brees struggled through the first part of the season and Jackson was out with an injury.  He just returned for Sunday and quickly helped my team get its first victory of the season.  Even Drew Brees showed up in a big way, dropping 37 points.  I actually had him on my bench, but it didn't matter as a I scored a season-best (for myself) 120 points, easily getting a victory.

Thanks to Derek Anderson, Lee Evans, and the Chargers defense, I won comfortably.  Actually, that's an understatement.  If all of those players would've been on the bench I would've won comfortably as my opponent only scored 36 points.  Still, though, the fact that I managed to put up 120 is a nice thing to see.  My playoff chances are pretty much gone due to starting 0-7, but hopefully I can throw together a nice run here in the second half of the season to at least finish with a respectable record.

Switching gears back to my Yahoo! league, I took over control of first place by myself after a third consecutive win.  Yet again, I managed to score a solid amount of points (94), and managed to hold on to a victory.  The reason I say "hold on" is because my opponent trailed by 3 points after Brandon Marshall started getting yards on Denver's last drive yesterday.  Marshall actually almost caught a touchdown, and although it would've got the Lions into first place by handing Green Bay a loss, it would've given me a loss, so I'll take it.  

Looking ahead to this week's match-up, I get to face the team in my league that has Tom Brady.  I am hoping that the Colts do their best to shut him down, otherwise I could be looking at loss #3.  Why couldn't I have played this team next week when Brady and the Pats have a bye?  That really would've been lucky scheduling.  Regardless, here's to hoping for a victory.