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Lions Notes: Rogers Hearing Scheduled for Today

  • The Lions will hope to get back $10.1 million from Charles Rogers today.  The hearing for the grievance filed against the ex-wide receiver will take place today at an undisclosed location.  The NFL Management Council will represent the Lions and the NFLPA will represent Rogers.  An arbitrator will ultimately make the final decision on this case, but when that decision will exactly come is unknown.

  • Also reported in the article linked above is that FOX has "frozen" two Lions games.  When the Giants come to town and when the Lions head to San Diego, both games are now a lock to stay on FOX as the network froze them.  That means that NBC can't move either one to its Sunday night game with flex-scheduling coming into play.

    Tom Kowalski brings up a good point in the article's final paragraph, saying this:

    There has been some rumbling that Detroit's final game of the season -- in Lambeau Field and quite possibly the final regular season game for quarterback Brett Favre -- might be moved to Sunday night. The Lions haven't heard anything and said it's far too early for anything to happen. NBC doesn't have to make a final decision until the Monday before the final Sunday because then they'll know the best matchups with playoff implications.

    If both Detroit and Green Bay are in the hunt for the playoffs, or even if only Green Bay is, then I would expect this game to be the Sunday night game for NBC simply because of Brett Favre.  Every time he plays in the Packers' final game of the regular season there's a chance it could be his last, and you can bet NBC would want that game to be on their network.

  • Jon Kitna made it clear to reporters that he is in Detroit to win a Super Bowl.

  • Jon Kitna also made it very clear that he is sick of getting hit illegally.  If I were him I'd just be sick of getting hit at all considering he's been sacked more than any other quarterback this year.

  • The preliminary list of nominees for the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Class of 2008 is out and a few former Lions are included on the list.  Tackle Lomas Brown and wide receiver Herman Moore, who both spent the majority of their careers in Detroit, are both eligible for enshrinement for the first time.  Buddy Parker, who coaches the Lions from 1951-1956 is also on the list of nominees.  Pat Swilling, a defensive end/linebacker who played in Detroit from 1993-1994, is also a nominee.

  • The Raiders waived Mike Williams yesterday, ending a short and disappointing stay in Oakland.  Williams was traded to Oakland during the draft and turned out to be no different as a Raider.  Oakland waived him to make room for Tim Dwight.