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Lions Embarrassed Again on the Road

Is there any way that Detroit can get out of their remaining games against NFC East opponents? The reason I ask is because the two games the Lions have played against NFC East teams haven't turned out well. In fact, they have been embarrassing blowouts each time. Of the 5 games played this season, three of them are wins. The two that were losses, though, were blowouts and completely one-sided.

That was the case again on Sunday as the Redskins improved to 21-0 all-time at home against the Lions with a 34-3 win. To put it plainly, Detroit was just dominated in all aspects of this game. Really there wasn't much to it. The 'Skins controlled the clock with time-consuming drives that were efficient and ended in points. Then on defense, the scheme put together completely shut down the so-called high power offense Detroit has. With those two things combined together, Washington came out on top 34-3.

I'm not going to go through a huge recap since this game was so lopsided and the score is all you need to see, but here are the scoring plays (thanks to

Mike Sellers, who scored 2 touchdowns (as seen above), did more than put points on the board. Kenoy Kennedy knows exactly what I'm talking about as he was run over by Sellers during Sunday's game. See for yourself.

Detroit now falls to 3-2, which still isn't bad considering it's the Lions. Regardless, the Lions head into a bye week to try and gets things straightened out before playing Tampa Bay on October 21st.

I'll have more on this game and other things at a later time. Posting has been limited as my time for it has been limited, so apologies for that.