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Week 10 NFL Schedule

I went 11-3 last week in picking Week 9's games, and I hope to do just as good in Week 10. As the season has gone on, my predictions have been getting more accurate it seems. Despite a less than stellar performance every once and a while, I haven't just completely whiffed in recent memory, so hopefully that continues into Week 10.

For the Detroit game, I am going with the Lions. Trust me, I'm very worried about the possibility of this being a trap game, but I feel like the Lions can pull one out and finally get a win in Arizona. To do that, the defense will have to continue its great play and shutdown Boldin and Fitzgerald, and then the offense has got to score early and often to put the game out of reach. If that is done, then I see a Lions victory on Sunday.

Watch and enjoy!

1:00 PM   Minnesota @ Green Bay
1:00 PM   St. Louis @ New Orleans
1:00 PM   Philadelphia @ Washington
1:00 PM   Atlanta @ Carolina
4:15 PM   Dallas @ NY Giants
4:15 PM   Detroit @ Arizona
4:15 PM   Chicago @ Oakland

1:00 PM   Jacksonville @ Tennessee
1:00 PM   Denver @ Kansas City
1:00 PM   Buffalo @ Miami
1:00 PM   Cleveland @ Pittsburgh
4:05 PM   Cincinnati @ Baltimore

8:15 PM   Indianapolis @ San Diego

8:30 PM   San Francisco @ Seattle

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