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Lions Notes: Roy Opens His Mouth Again

  • I don't take anything he says seriously anymore, but Roy Williams really should think before speaking every once in a while.
    "If I had executed last week, I would've had 300 yards receiving. Look at the film,'' Williams said. "It would've been 300 yards easy, no question. Want me to explain them to you? Let me explain it to you. The one where Kitna stretched out the ball and got sacked on the backside, it was just a one-man route and I ran past (Sam) Madison. There was another one where Kit underthrew it and I tried to catch it. If I catch that one, that's another 50-some yards. And the one he threw on the sideline, the one I had to stop for and tap my feet down and fall backwards? If he throws that on a rope, I'm down the sideline for another 75 yards. Then I had those two (fade) routes when I blew the (blitz adjustment). Those were 60- and 70-yarders. It was an easy 300 yards.''

    He is a great receiver and everything, but honestly, is there any reason to say things like this?  Just get it done on the field so you aren't saying I should've had whatever.

  • The Washington Post provides some explanation on the Wild Card tie-breakers.

  • Jon Kitna thinks Brett Favre is "the greatest quarterback that's ever played."

  • Tom Kowalski brings up a good point.  The annual Lions Thanksgiving games actually is being played for something for a change.  Usually, Detroit goes into the game with nothing on the line, but that is the complete opposite of this year as a win over the Packers greatly helps the Lions' playoff chances.

  • Coming from the injury font, Jonathan Scott and Dewayne White are both expected to play tomorrow.  That is great news as Scott can replace George Foster, who really has been bad, and then White can step back into the starting defensive end role.  White has been great so far this year, so getting him back is big.

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