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Week 12 Fantasy Take: Playoffs?!

As the regular season of fantasy football nears its end, teams will have two options as far as what happens next.  The first and desired option is to continue playing, meaning your team has qualified for the playoffs.  The second, less appealing option is that your season ends when the regular season ends.  That means that your team has missed the playoffs and you must wait until summer 2008 to put together a new team.  Of course, most of you probably have more than just a single team competing, so chances are that usually at least one of your teams makes the playoffs.  Others may not be as lucky, but thankfully I am categorized in the first group.

Both of my fantasy teams finishes the regular season with Week 13, which begins on Thursday with the Packers-Cowboys match-up.  For my team in the CBS league, this is it.  After an 0-7 start, I've won 4 out of my last 5 games, putting me at 4-8 with 1 game left.  I obviously have no shot at making the playoffs, but I just hope to come out and get one more win to make the record look a little better.

The complete opposite can be said about my Yahoo! team.  Being the defending champion in this league, I started the season hoping to eventually win another championship.  Things didn't get off to a good start at all as I lost in the opening week of the season, but since then I have won 10 of 11 games, putting me atop the standings with a 10-2 record.  I clinched the playoffs a week ago but just wrapped up a first round bye this past week with a 90-79 win.  Surprisingly, that is the lowest point total I've had since Week 5 when I last lost.

Heading into the playoffs, I am only going to be two wins away from a second straight league championship.  Although I have nothing to be proud about for my CBS league, good things happen for my on Yahoo.

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