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Sean Taylor Passes Away

Redskins safety Sean Taylor passed away this morning after he was shot early Monday morning when an intruder apparently entered his home. The 24-year old was a great player and was at the top of the league when it came to defensive backs. This is just truly tragic news and I can't even imagine what Redskins fans, players, and coaches are going through right.

Taylor was the 5th selection in the 2004 NFL Draft, and had he been available when the Lions picked (Detroit had the 7th pick after trading the 6th pick to Cleveland), there's a pretty good chance the Lions would've taken him. I'm not saying they would've definitely opted for Taylor over Roy Williams, but he would've likely been considered.

My prayers go out to Taylor's family and friends and the entire Redskins organization and fanbase. It is always sad to see someone that young killed because of a gun, and you really realize that when it happens to someone with so much talent and potential both on and off the field. I understand that Taylor hasn't been the best person in the past on and off the football field, but since the birth of his child those that know him have said he really began to grow up and turn his life around. Rest in peace, Sean Taylor.

For more on this tragic death, check out Hogs Haven.

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