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Please Welcome Mocking The Draft

A favorite topic in the last 6 or so years for Lions fans has been the NFL Draft.  Why?  Well, when your team always has a high pick, meaning they are going to pick from top talent, the subject tends to get interesting.  This year's draft back in April proved that, as talk of what Detroit would do with the #2 pick dominated headlines in the Motor City for quite some time.

With all of this in mind, SB Nation now has a blog of its own dedicated to the NFL Draft.  I'm sure some of you are wondering how a blog can sustain talk year-round for a 2-day long event, but with the draft that is not too tough to do.  Once the offseason gets started for non-playoff teams, focus starts to turn to free agency and the draft.  Also, the year-round part of the subject is the scouting aspect, which is really going to be the best part of this new blog.

Without further ado, I'm proud to introduce you to Mocking The Draft, written by SBN's newest blogger, Matt Miller.  Miller comes from New Era Scouting, which should tell you that we're going to get a great perspective on all things regarding the draft.  I alluded to the scouting aspect of it above, and that process starts once the college football season begins.  Once the combine comes in a few months draft talk really begins to heat up, so make sure you are checking out Mocking The Draft daily for all news in regards to the Lions' favorite days of the year.

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