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Week 9 Fantasy Take: Still Rollin'

As the regular season for fantasy football begins to wind down in the coming weeks, it is vital that you pick up wins to clinch a playoff spot.  In my Yahoo! league, with sole possession of first place, I am on the verge of doing that already.  In my CBS league, on the other hand, I don't even have a shot at the playoffs thanks to starting 0-7, but at least I am winning now.

I'll start with my CBS league since that is a lost cause.  As I said, I started the year 0-7 after Steven Jackson got injured and Drew Brees did nothing for most of the year, but in the last two weeks, my team has been great.  This past weekend, I scored over 100 points and won easily, making it 2 straight.  I already mentioned that the playoffs are out of reach for me, but I might as well do some damage to other teams in the playoff hunt.  That's the only thing left to play for.  I just wish that my team had been this good all season long instead of these two select weeks.

Moving on to the league that I am dominating right now, let's look at the how I did in Yahoo! for Week 9.  Matching up against the second place team, I wanted a win badly to not only keep sole possession of first place, but to pull farther away from the other players.  That way, I can clinch a playoff spot in the next couple of weeks to get that out of the way.

As far as how my team did in Week 9, I won easily by scoring 123 points, and if I had started Ben Roethlisberger, it would've been close to my season-high.  Looking back at each player, it was Joseph Addai, Terrell Owens, and Carson Palmer that put up the most points for my team.  Even though those three topped everyone else, there was still a nice balance between the rest of my starters as each player managed to play pretty well.

Heading into Week 10, it is make it or break it time for some teams in both the pros and in fantasy football.  I'm sure many of you out there are in the hunt for a playoff spot, making for a week like this to be especially important.

Check back here next week for a look at how Week 10 played out in the fantasy world.

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