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Shaun Rogers Is Resourceful

Defensive tackle Shaun Rogers has been playing great this season.  He really seems like a new player and has set the tone for Detroit's dominating defensive line.  Usually on the d-line, Rogers would be making sacks or throwing out big hits on running backs.  On Sunday, though, Rogers was being dominant in a different way.

If you haven't heard about it by now, Shaun Rogers picked off a Patrick Ramsey on Sunday and took the pass back all the way to the endzone for a touchdown. Here's the amazing play via YouTube:

I was in partial shock after Rogers made that play since he was able to get a touchdown out of it. It's one thing for the big man to get the interception to begin with, but to take it all the way was on a different level. When the play first started to unfold, I figured he'd have a decent return but would get tackled by someone from the Broncos eventually. When I saw Selvin Young, I really thought that would be the case simply because Rogers was winded by the time Young got there, and it would've been from behind. Normally, a player trying to make a tackle from behind would be unexpected, that is, of course, unless you are resourceful like Shaun Rogers.
"I looked at the Jumbotron and saw a guy coming up on my left. I caught a glimpse of the Jumbotron and saw (Smith) trying to throw a block to my left. I turned my head around and there he was. I tried to put that big arm out there to keep him at bay,'' Rogers said.

And why was Rogers looking at the big screen?

"It just happened that way. We have a beautiful stadium and a beautiful Jumbotron,'' he said.

I guess it's a good thing the jumbotrons are so big and are placed where they are. Since there is a jumbotron at the end of each endzone (above the each upper deck), Rogers was able to simply look up to see that Selvin Young was about to attempt a tackle. Knowing that Young was right there, Rogers stiff-armed him to get into the endzone.

I know looking at a jumbotron may not seem like much, but I am just surprised that a player would have the awareness to do that during a play that happens so quickly like the one Rogers was involved in. That just shows you how great of a player he is. Not only can he make plays, but he is also smart enough to use his surroundings. I guess fans don't play the only part in having a homefield advantage.

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