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What's Wrong With Shaun Rogers?

The Lions' season hasn't been the only thing to absolutely suck since the Denver game.  Defensive tackle Shaun Rogers, who started the season off playing great, has just been horrible lately.  Not only has his level of play diminished, but he isn't even playing as much as before.

"As we started off the season, we put him on (the Physically Unable to Perform list) early and that was my plan for conditioning and get him in shape and his knees and all those things. We started the season probably with around 30 snaps a game -- we had a rotation for him. We were probably building it as the season went on and I would say that most of these players were at about 44 or 45 snaps. I just think that as the season has worn on, he can't practice as much, we can't condition him as much with the (sore) knees and so we just need to limit some of the reps."

The main problem with Rogers is that he isn't in shape.  With all of the extra weight he is carrying around, his knees are taking a beating every time he goes in for a play.  As the season has gone on and taken a toll on everyone, it appears that Rogers has felt the worst of it.  

Rogers has been suffering from knee problems for the last few years and any time it appears progress is being made things fall apart.  This past offseason was big for him not necessarily in the sense of getting into shape as he was recovering from getting his knees scoped, but more along the lines of getting the right attitude.  The problems seemed like they were gone as Rogers was a force on the defense line, but ever since the Denver game he has been nowhere near as good.

I don't necessarily think that Rogers playing bad is why the Lions have lost 5 straight, but it is a contributing factor.  At the same time, Rogers' play really sums up the Lions' play since the game against the Broncos.  Detroit absolutely demolished Denver in impressive fashion and had the great game capped off with a Shaun Rogers interception return for a touchdown.  Things seemed great at that time.  The Lions were 6-2 and Rogers was playing well, but since then it has been a tough to watch.

Knowing that Rogers has such a tough time getting into shape and the fact that being overweight takes such a big toll on his body, there are rumblings that the Lions may be looking to get rid of Rogers in the future.  As Tom Kowalski suggests, he could be gone by the draft next April.

Don't be surprised, when April finally rolls around, if Shaun Rogers is dealt in a draft-day trade. Right now, the odds of that happening are about 50-50.

Rogers, the Detroit Lions talented defensive tackle, has disappeared on head coach Rod Marinelli at the most important part of the season. Rogers' play has declined in recent weeks and this is when Marinelli needs his star players to step up, not stoop over and gasp for air.

If Detroit did make a move like this, it would basically happen because the Lions are giving up on Shaun Rogers.  I can't say that I blame them considering he hasn't been able to maintain a great level of play at all times, and that is largely due to his weight problems.

There's a chance that Detroit could just get fed up enough where they cut him sometime during the offseason, but if they knew for sure that he was on his way out, then a trade would be more likely.  The question then becomes: What can you get for Rogers?  The answer to that isn't a simple one, but the general consensus is a third-round pick from what I've heard.  Some are willing to go as far as a second-rounder, but I don't see that happening considering he has struggled so much with his knee problems.

Out of all the possible draft scenarios, the most intriguing I heard was suggested on 97.1 FM The Ticket in the last couple of days.  I don't remember exactly who suggested it, but it was that the Lions could trade Rogers and their first-rounder for another team's first-rounder to move up.  Right now I believe the Lions are looking at getting a first-round pick somewhere around 17, 18, or 19.  Somewhere in the general area.  Anyways, if they could trade Rogers to move up to get a great player, then I wouldn't mind seeing that happen if Rogers would be traded or cut no matter what and if the player picked is a good one.

Nothing in the near future appears likely, but I imagine we'll hear more on Rogers' future once the draft gets closer next year.

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