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Mr. Dependable Falters in Key Moment

The one Lions player that has been here for all of the ups and downs and has lived through it all is kicker Jason Hanson. He is the player that everyone usually can depend on to make the needed plays. Year in and year out, despite how bad the rest of the team may be, the constant on the roster is Hanson. Despite him being such a great kicker, when the Lions needed a field goal from hi most, he ended up missing the kick, putting his title of Mr. Dependable in question.

I really can't put the blame of the Cowboys game on Hanson since there were many other plays that should have been made but weren't, but I just find it interesting that the one time he misses a kick like this comes when the entire season could be turned around. It's nothing against Hanson because he is a great kicker and probably would make that kick against Dallas 9 out of 10 times. The problem is that 1 miss happened at the worst possible time.

When you really think about the situation, it was almost like the Lions were destined to lose to the Cowboys. Along with Hanson's missed field goal, Paris Lenon had a fumble literally go right through his hands before he accidentally kicked it back to Dallas. All of these not necessarily fluke plays but bad breaks always seem to happen at the worst times for the Lions. No matter how bad a season is going or what Detroit's record is, one thing you normally can count on is that they will lose a game or two each year in similar fashion to the Dallas game. What I mean by that is that we have to watch games be lost because of a couple of plays that could easily go in the Lions' favor but don't.

This trend is nothing new, as over the years a lot of games have been lost due to a couple of bad breaks. I don't want to go superstitious on anyone or something like that, but it really feels like the Lions are cursed. It's either that or they are just always unlucky, but since Matt Millen still works for this organization, I'm tending to think that this franchise may actually be cursed. Why else would we be stuck with the dumbest GM in sports for all these years? Oh yeah, because of this guy: William Clay Ford.

Looks like it isn't a curse but instead just plain stupidity. Boy do I wish Mike Ilitch owned this team.

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