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Lions Blown Out By Chargers 51-14

And now the season is officially over.

Detroit went to San Diego yesterday hoping to pull off an upset to keep their fading playoff hopes alive.  Instead of prolonging the false hope another week, the Lions decided to pack it in once and for all.

The Chargers came out and were the better team from the get go, and that continued all day long.  I'll be honest with you guys, I watched 1 quarter of this game before turning it off.  The effort out there was just too pathetic for me since it seemed like they were just going through the motions and that was that.  With a slim chance at making the playoffs still existent, there is absolutely no excuse for losing 51-14.  Not when your season is on the line.

I really don't have much to add to the score itself as I'm just simply disgusted right now, so take a look below at how the score got as ugly as it did and hopefully the end streak at least comes to an end next Sunday.  The lowly Chiefs come to Ford Field on a 7-game losing streak themselves, so hopefully the Lions can finally get their 7th win.  Kickoff is at 1:00 p.m. ET on CBS.