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Week 15 Fantasy Take: Playoff Stunner

All season long my two fantasy teams (one on CBS and one on Yahoo!) have really been complete opposites.  My CBS team stunk for the first 7 games of the season, winning 0 games.  Things got better as the season finished considering I managed to win 5 out of the final 6 games, but there was just far too much ground to make up in the playoff race.  At the same time, my Yahoo! team had been great all season long.  After a couple of early slip ups, I got a big winning streak going before falling in the final week of the year.  Regardless of the loss to close out the regular season, I was still very confident going into the playoffs.

As I sat out the opening week of the playoffs with a bye, my team scored enough points to beat all of the other teams in the playoffs if I had been playing someone.  Going into the second week of the playoffs, the same thing could be said, almost.  I outscored every team except one, and it happened to be my opponent.  Despite the dominance I had all season long and my usual ability to outscore any team I played, this time I came out on the wrong end of things.  Although I did score 93 points, my opponent dropped 119 on me to advance to the finals.

Overall, I am very disappointed to see my reign as champion come to an end.  Winning back-to-back titles would have been great, but the one time my opponent scored a ton of points came at the worst possible time.  There are many times I could go back and wonder why I made some decisions relating to the draft or who I started, but we all can do that for anything.

I do have to admit, this was a pretty fun season for fantasy football.  Most of the top draft picks didn't deliver, which really shook things up for a change.  I would say I am already looking ahead to the draft next summer, but honestly, not worrying about which player did what for a change will feel nice.

Although I didn't come out on top in the end, I didn't lose by a single point to be eliminated, and I didn't have to watch Brian Westbrook stop a yard short of a touchdown on Sunday, which actually prevented a lot of fantasy teams from winning, so no matter how bad it feels to lose, I can't even imagine the feeling of losing like that.

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