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5 Questions With Arrowhead Pride

I exchanged questions (my answers can be viewed here) with Arrowhead Pride, the Chiefs blog here at SB Nation, to get an idea of what we should look for on Sunday when Kansas City comes to Detroit.  Thanks to Chris for taking the time to answer my questions.

POD: Which quarterback is better in a starting role at this point for the Chiefs: Huard or Croyle?

AP: With the Chiefs' chances of making the playoffs eliminated a few weeks ago, Brodie Croyle is definitely the starter in Kansas City. Damon Huard was initially dubbed the starter after a disappointing preseason by Brodie Croyle. The Chiefs organization needs to see as much as possible of Croyle in NFL games in order to better determine his future with the franchise. The Chiefs are very much a team in flux this year and will be next year too. Croyle needs to be the starter right now in order to evaluate his talents.

POD: Having a losing streak similar to the one the Lions currently have, what would you say is the biggest contributing factor to a disappointing season for the Chiefs?

AP: Probably a combination of unimaginative offensive play calling and a porous, inept and downright terrible offensive line. The Chiefs disappointing offensive line has hampered the running and passing games this season. Our quarterback has been constantly hurried and sacked in nearly every game we've played. There hasn't been a single game where I could say the Chiefs ran the ball well either.

A poor offense will harm your defense, no matter how good they are. The Chiefs are leading the league in three and outs (not entirely sure on that but it has to be true). Many times in a game, our defense will come off the field only to go right back in within four or five minutes. That exhaustion has shown in the last three or four games, when our defense has waned late in the game.

POD: How much of an effect did losing Larry Johnson to an injury have on the Chiefs?

AP: Numbers wise, the Chiefs are running the ball better without Larry Johnson in the ball game. Backup Kolby Smith has proven to at least be temporarily suited to starting in the NFL. Psychologically, I think the loss of Larry was huge. The Chiefs haven't won a game since LJ went down against Green Bay in Week 9. Teams were stacking the box before Larry got hurt in order to force the Chiefs to pass. Now, defenses aren't intimidated by any part of our offense.

POD: What under the radar player Lions fans should watch out for?

AP: The Chiefs should be playing a number of younger guys in these last two games. The Chiefs just activated former Division III TE Michael Allan. He won't be in on every offensive play but he should be in on a few. You can't miss him. He's a big, tall tight end who wears #81. The Chiefs are using this time to evaluate him as a potential starting tight end, with more emphasis on blocking than the passing game.

POD: What is the biggest problem that needs to be fixed for Kansas City to get back to their winning ways next season?

AP: Like I mentioned before, the Chiefs need to address the offensive line. You could make an argument for replacing nearly every starting offensive lineman the Chiefs have. A poor line negatively affects the offense too much. Look at the Chiefs offense. No running game. No passing game. Our linemen can't protect the QB or create holes for our running backs.

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