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Winner of Poster Contest: Just Don't Go

A week or so ago I opened up a contest where you could win a free poster from All that was needed from you guys was an idea of how people could protest Matt Millen this year. We've seen fans march in protest of the Lions GM, wear the opposing team's colors, and then stage a walkout. Although no idea officially happened for this year's final home game, Blake Simons came up with the perfect idea to protest Millen.

My idea to fire Lion's GM Matt Millen is for nobody to attend the game. If no fans attended the game, there is no doubt that Millen would be fired.

This really is the only "protest" that would send a message to ownership. Despite such mediocrity we've seen over the years, us Lions fans just can't break the addiction. I don't know if it's our love of football or our love of the Lions, but we never can escape it. On top of that, nobody can escape the chance to watch the Lions in person.

If Ford Field starts to become empty in the future, then the the message that we want change could finally get through to William Clay Ford. As long as the stadium is filled like usual and the money is coming in, he is fine with being mediocre year after year and is fine with Matt Millen being the GM. Even though any other owner in the league, heck, even in sports, would have fired Millen long ago, Ford hasn't and won't since he just doesn't care.

Personally, I refuse to ever spend a dime on a ticket to watch this team until Millen is fired or until they make the playoffs. Since the chances of making the playoffs are always going to be slim with this team, it looks like I'll be waiting until Millen is out of here.

Anyways, congrats to Blake Simons on winning this contest, and thanks again to for providing a poster to the winner.

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