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Williams Out for Remainder of Season?

Just when yesterday appeared that it couldn't get any worse it did.  Roy Williams left the game with an injury and despite trying to return, came back out of the locker room in street clothes after halftime.  Once things really began to get out of hand score-wise, Williams left for the locker room, likely to begin treatment on the injury.

After having some time to figure out exactly what's wrong with Williams, it appears that he may miss the final four weeks of the season, which would just sums up how things have gone lately.

Lions coach Rod Marinelli said Monday that wide receiver Roy Williams could be out for the rest of the season with a knee injury, but Williams was a little more optimistic.

Marinelli said Williams would miss several weeks. Williams said he was told he would miss a couple of weeks.
Williams suffered a sprained right posterior cruciate ligament in Sunday's 42-10 loss at Minnesota.

Asked if Williams was out for the rest of the season, Marinelli said: "I don't know how many weeks it is. It's going to be several. So he could be gone for the year."

Marinelli said the injury was very similar to the one suffered by cornerback Stanley Wilson on Thanksgiving Day against Green Bay. Wilson was put on injured reserve, ending his season.

But asked if he would miss the rest of the season, Williams said: "I don't know. They say a couple of weeks. We'll see how that goes."

Williams suffered the injury when he made a 43-yard catch in the second quarter, taking the Lions to the Minnesota 6. He felt something wrong on the following play, a five-yard pass to tight end Sean McHugh.

"I had a backside route, which I'm usually lazy on in the first place," Williams said. "But it didn't feel comfortable at that point."

Not only is this injury bad in the sense that he could be gone the rest of the season, but he was off to an amazing start against the Vikings.  After being angered at how the gameplan unfolded on Thanksgiving, Roy let people know he was not happy.  Following a chat with Mike Martz last week, things seemed to be smoothed over, especially after the gameplan became tailored around Williams.

In the end, if there is a risk at Williams seriously injuring himself more than he already has then I would just shut him down.  With the way the Lions have been playing the playoffs probably won't be a concern, so just allow Williams to begin the healing process and don't take any chances for him hurting himself even more.

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