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Lions Close Out Season With Loss

Although I have pretty much shifted all my focus towards the offseason, let's take a look at the Lions' final game of the season before completely moving on.

Even though the Packers had nothing to play for and got a lot of backups into the game, the Lions still couldn't get a win to reach the .500 mark.  Overall, the game itself just seemed like one team was going through the motions whereas the other was playing to win.  Considering Green Bay had nothing left to prove, you would think they would be the ones just going through the motions.  Well, that wasn't the case.  It was Detroit who looked like they just wanted the game and season to end, and that translated to a 34-13 loss.

Again, despite playing against quite a few backups and a team that was just out there playing for nothing, the Lions still managed to get beat convincingly at Lambeau Field.  I guess some things will never change.

Below is the boxscore and scoring summary from