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Roy Hopes to Get Back for Green Bay, Remain a Lion Beyond 2008

Lions receiver Roy Williams likely is out for the rest of the season with a knee injury, but there is still a small chance that he could get back on the field for the season finale at Green Bay.  It depends on how it heals in the next few weeks and obviously if that is anything worth playing for against the Packers.  If Detroit is simply trying to get a 7th win still, then I would expect Roy to sit the game out in order to prevent further injury heading into the offseason.

"My goal is Green Bay," he [Williams] said, referring to Detroit's Dec. 30 regular season finale. "They told me that I'll miss three to five weeks, so if I can make it three, I can play against the Packers."

Coach Rod Marinelli has the same hope, and said the Lions will wait until the last week of the year before placing Williams on injured reserve.

"I think he's got a chance to get back, so we'll wait," he said. "If we can get Roy Williams back on the field, even for one game, that's huge for our team."

I'd like to see Roy get back out on the field for one more game before the end of the year, but again, as I already said, there's no point to risk further injury unless he is 100% or the Lions are playing for something.  I expect him to be put on the IR eventually, but we'll just have to wait and see how the knee heals.

Returning for the Green Bay game may not be the only hope that Roy Williams has.  Thinking back to yesterday, Tom Kowalski wrote an article the basically said Williams and Kevin Jones are going to leave Detroit after next season as their contracts expire.  Although it was just speculation, it certainly would not be a surprising move by either player.  Still, though, Williams is coming out and denying that his intentions are to leave as he would like to stay with the Lions.

"I don't think that's an issue," Williams said. "(Detroit) is my second home. Just because I talk about Texas and the Texas Longhorns and Odessa in every interview doesn't mean I want to go play for Odessa Whatever.

"If I wanted to leave, I'd say I want to leave. That's not a problem."

Although I don't doubt that Roy tells the truth with nearly everything he says, I don't buy that he would come out and say he wants to leave if that were the case.  Saying that makes no sense and just creates a problematic situation, so I would expect him to say the right things until something with his future becomes more concrete.  It would be great if Detroit could bring him back, and it would be great if they could bring Jones back, but I would understand if one or both of them wanted to find a new team.

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