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Week 13 Fantasy Take: On to the Playoffs

The regular season finally is over for both of my fantasy teams and one of them gets to continue its quest for a league title.

My CBS team ended up finishing 5-8, which surprisingly is actually a solid record considering how this team started the season.  After having a horrible draft in hindsight due to taking Steven Jackson and Drew Brees, my team started 0-7.  By then I had no chance of making the playoffs, but I did want to put together a respectable finish.  After going 5-1 down the homestretch, I did put together a great finish and don't have to look at that horrible of a record now.  If only my team would have played like this all year, I probably would be talking playoffs for this league.

Shifting gears to a successful team, my Yahoo! one, I ended up finishing with a record of 10-3.  That was good enough to secure 1st place in the standings and now I get to enjoy a first-round bye for the playoffs.  The route I took to get to 10-3 is an interesting one after I started the season with a loss.  After that, I rattled off 3 straight wins before suffering loss #2.  Then things really went well.  I won 7 straight games and was able to clinch 1st place because of that.  My winning streak would have been 8 consecutive games had I won the regular season finale, but I lost by 9 points.  Unfortunately, people haven't bought the excuse that I was resting my players for the playoffs since I had 1st place locked up already.  

Although I didn't finish the season with my Yahoo! team the way I would have liked, I still am feeling good about the playoffs.  Had I started Packers running back Ryan Grant last week I would have won, so it's not like I didn't have the ability to win, I just made some poor lineup decisions.  Either way, I am only two wins away from winning my second straight title in this league, so here's to getting this dynasty started.