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Lions Notes: Tigers Know How to Win

  • I imagine most of you have heard about the blockbuster trade the Detroit Tigers made earlier this week.  If you haven't heard, they dealt 6 prospects to the Florida Marlins in order to acquire third baseman Miguel Cabrera and pitcher Dontrelle Willis.  The trade was just absolutely great as the Tigers instantly have become World Series contenders, and the amount of excitement surrounding the team right now is off the charts.  Just from this trade alone you can see the difference between the Lions and the Tigers.  The Tigers have an owner and GM that are in it to win it, whereas the Lions are always a few steps behind.  Man do I wish Mike Ilitch owned the Lions.

    For more on the Tigers check out Bless You Boys.

  • During a challenge in last week's game against the Vikings, there was a very random and hilarious situation out of the field.  While all of the players were waiting for a decision on the challenge, it appeared as though they all were more interested in socializing rather than playing football.  The long wait gave the players a chance to catch up as rookies were casually talking to other rookies, Jon Kitna and Tarvaris Jackson were shooting the breeze (although Kitna did most of the talking), and the rest of the players were making chit-chat.  I'm not going to say it's a bad thing that everyone became so unfocused at that instance, but I do just find it hilarious as you rarely see a moment where players forget about the game that quickly.

  • Mike Martz addressed some of the issues with the running game yesterday with the media.

  • Pride of Detroit favorite Ikaika Alama-Francis will be active on Sunday.  He's been suffering from a hamstring injury for a while now and has only played in 2 games all season, so it will be nice to see him get back on the field for a change.

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