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Apparently the Pro Bowl Was Played on Saturday

The annual Pro Bowl took place on Saturday and featured the NFL's best players.  One of those players was Roy Williams, the lone Lion to be involved.  Williams ended up having 3 catches for 58 yards during the game.  It wouldn't be enough for the NFC to win as the AFC did so on a last-second field goal, making the final score 31-28.

I'll be honest, I just can't get into the Pro Bowl.  I tried to watch the game and did just that for the first quarter, but with many other sporting events going on at the same time, I ended up forgetting all about it.  

I'm not sure of the exact reason I can't get into the Pro Bowl.  Maybe it's the fact that it's a meaningless game that really doesn't affect anything, or maybe the fact that it really isn't very entertaining in my own opinion.

This year especially served as further proof that the Pro Bowl is quickly falling apart.  From what used to be a game where everyone wanted to win, it has now become nothing more than another game.  Many players have a long vacation in between their final game and the Pro Bowl, causing some rustiness to be showed on the field.  Also, the players really aren't going to be in the mindset of playing a game since it is just an All-Star game.  The problem is that in the NFL, you really can't just be out there to be out there.  With hard hits and tackles, somebody can get injured if they're not in the football mindset.

That scare served to be true on Saturday as Saints quarterback Drew Brees dislocated his left elbow during the early stages of the contest.  It doesn't currently appear that the injury will affect the status of Brees for 2007, but an injury is still an injury.

On top of that, what was Sean Taylor thinking when he laid out Bills punter Brian Moorman on a fake punt?  Moorman tried to run to the sideline for some space and got completely lit up by Taylor.  Saying that it was a big hit is an understatement.  Take a look.

I'm just glad that Moorman was all right after taking that hit. It was surprising to see him even walking around after that and he popped right back up, which for a punter is a good thing.

My opinion on the Pro Bowl is that I really don't care. Some say that it should be done away with for good, but I'm not exactly sure if that would ever happened. Players don't seem to want to be there anymore as it isn't really that great of a privilege considering a trip to Hawaii can be taken freely without having to play a football game. Either way, I don't like to see players getting injured or hits like the one above (although it was the most entertaining part of the entire thing) in the Pro Bowl. Something does need to be changed. What that is I'm not exactly sure, but the Pro Bowl has lost its luster.