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Looking Ahead: 2007 Home Schedule

Last Thursday, I took a look at the 2007 away schedule for the Detroit Lions. Some of the highlights included trips to the west coast as well as the usual divisional rivalries. There weren't many games on the road schedule that appeared to be an easy task for the Lions, so the home schedule will be very important when it comes to picking up victories. Here's a look at the home schedule with some quick analysis on each game.

vs. Chicago

Chicago at home is much more feasible than at Soldier Field, but this will be a tough game still. The Bears just barely escaped Detroit at Ford Field this past season and will likely play close again in 2007. Detroit has a shot, but I wouldn't get your hopes up.

Early Prediction: Toss-up

vs. Green Bay

Chalk this game up as another one of those rivalry games. At home, Detroit again just barely lost to the Packers in 2006. A few mistakes caused the loss in the closing stages, but it could've easily gone differently. At home, I'd see this again as a toss-up situation, meaning it could go either way.

Early Prediction: Toss-up

vs. Minnesota

If Detroit ever wants to end this losing streak to Minnesota, then this game may be the time to do it. When the Vikings come to town it always seems like the Lions are close the entire game and then fall apart at the end. Hopefully things are different for a change.

Early Prediction: Toss-up

vs. Dallas

The Cowboys finished the past season in a rough way. Not only did the 'Boys get knocked out of the playoffs in the worst way possible, but they lost their last regular season game to the Lions. Detroit just clicked in all aspects and walked away with the win in an overall great game by Detroit. For a change, Dallas comes to Detroit for a game and will show off Romo, T.O., and new coach Wade Phillips.

Early Prediction: Toss-up

vs. NY Giants

Detroit played a New York team last season, but it was the Jets and it was on the road. This time, the Giants make their way east to Ford Field looking for a win. Without Tiki Barber, the running back spot got a lot worse in regards to expereince and even talent, although Brandon Jacobs is a not a completely bad replacement. Eli Manning will have to step up next season and could do so in this game.

Early Prediction: Toss-up

vs. Tampa Bay

This will be one of the most interesting games played all season long. Not only are the opponents where Rod Marinelli used to coach at, along with others, but payback finally needs to be served by the game played in 2005. Detroit should have won and got the shaft from the officials due to replay. Marcus Pollard made a great catch in the endzone and I believe it was originally called a touchdown, but after review, the call was changed to an incomplete pass, which was actually incorrect. It was something like that. Either way, you can bet some of the Lions player involved in that game will have this date circled on their calenders.

Early Prediction: Leaning towards win

vs. Denver

Jay Cutler comes to Ford Field for the second time in his young career. The first was during last year's preseason when he really showed off his stuff before eventually winning the starting job from Jake the Snake. My feelings are that this could be the annual Thanksgiving Day game as Denver has played on the holiday for the last couple of years. It would be nice to get a win for a change on Turkey Day, and against someone like Jay Cutler may not be all that easy.

Early Prediction: Toss-up

vs. Kansas City

Kansas City made me look bad as my prediction of the Chiefs beating the Colts was totally off. That led to a string of wrong picks against the Colts, which eventually ended up being stopped in the Super Bowl. Nonetheless, Kansas City will come to Detroit with Larry Johnson as the key guy in their offense. Johnson is a great rusher and Detroit will have to limit him to even have a shot.

Early Prediction: Toss-up

These games were almost all toss-ups in my predictions. If this was the away schedule than that would certainly be different, but since these games are played at Ford Field, the Lions' chances are bumped up considerably.

The official dates and times for these games will be announced in early April, so make sure to watch for that.

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