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Dre' Bly Wants Out

Dre' Bly has been one of Detroit's best defensive backs for the last few seasons, but has had some controversy around that.  He wasn't great at all in 2006, and now may not be in a Lions uniform in 2007.  According to the Free Press, Bly wants a trade and will likely get one.

Lions president Matt Millen and coach Rod Marinelli have given cornerback Dre' Bly permission to seek a trade.

"I have a tremendous amount of respect for Matt and Rod allowing me the opportunity to find a home for Dre' Bly that is more conducive to his Pro Bowl skill set," Bly's agent, Kennard McGuire, said Tuesday.

It appears the Lions will try to get something in return for Bly so they don't have to release him for nothing.

If Bly is traded, I'd expect the Lions to try and get a first day draft pick in return.  If not that, then maybe some of the current issues could be addressed, such as the secondary, MLB, DL, or OL.