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Lions News and Notes: Bly, Martz, and More

As we end the first week with absolutely no football, the offseason continues to be in full swing. There is news coming left and right regarding the Lions and others in the NFL.  As for Detroit specifically, there is plenty to talk about, so let's get right to it.

  • Earlier this week we found out that Dré Bly was given permission to seek a trade.  This isn't necessarily a shocking thing to hear as many current players won't be here come next season, but what exactly is the reason behind this.  Those that wondered if it was Detroit prompting Bly to be traded or Bly himself requesting a change don't have to wonder anymore.  Bly was asked about it and had this to say:
    Bly says his sooner-than-later exit from Detroit is being orchestrated by the Lions. Basically, the Lions are saying they don't need the services of the All-Pro cornerback any longer.

    So, Bly was told he and his agent, Kennard McGuire, could work out a trade. Otherwise, expect to be released.

    "I wouldn't mind staying, but it's not like it's my decision," Bly told The Detroit News on Wednesday. "They're going in a different direction and I don't want to be a part of something, be here, if I'm not in the plans.

    "I respect them for telling me."

  • As of now, a possible team for Bly could be Tennessee.
  • Bly isn't the only one who has been given permission to seek a trade.  Two others, James Hall and Marcus Bell, also have been given the green light by the Lions.  I wouldn't expect Hall to go anywhere as he is an important part of the Lions defensive line, but if something were to happen, where another defensive end became available, in free agency or the draft, then you never know.

  • It is expected that Cory Redding will be given the franchise tag in the next week if a new deal isn't worked out.  The deadline is next Thursday, so if the Lions decided to not use it, he'd be heading into the free agent market.  Detroit did the same thing with Jeff Backus last season and that turned out to lead to a longer deal, so maybe the same thing will happen with Redding.

  • Mike Martz has been discussed as a possible replacement for Marty Schottenheimer out in San Diego, and it seemed he'd have a great shot at getting the job, but as of right now, an interview isn't even scheduled.  The Lions haven't even been asked for permission from the Chargers to talk to Martz, so who knows what's going to happen.  My guess is that the Chargers have an idea of who they want or they are just going to take their time.  Either way, I do hope Martz sticks it out for one more year in Detroit.

  • Charles Rogers is back in the news involving the Lions for the first time since he was cut from the team.
    An arbitration hearing has been scheduled for the Lions' grievance against former wide receiver Charles Rogers.

    Arbitrator John Feerick of New York is scheduled to hear the case May 10. He would have to make a decision within three months, barring an extension of the deadline.

    The Lions are trying to recoup $10.184 million of Rogers' $14.4-million signing bonus. Rogers' contract included a clause that said if Rogers were suspended for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy, he would have to pay back his bonus prorated for the rest of the contract. Rogers served a four-game substance-abuse suspension in 2005.

  • An NFL writer suggested that Kevin Jones would be out for half of next season last week. That was disputed by Tom Kowalski and now Jones himself is saying something.
    "The doctor said I should be healed-up by training camp," Jones said. "I’m going to ease into things. I’m not going to jump back into it like it never happened. I’m going to be cautious so I can be ready by the season. … Camp is important, but not as important as getting back for the first game."
    That is definitely good news to be hearing.

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