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Jones Thinks He'll Be Ready for Training Camp

Matt Millen spoke with the Detroit News as he was getting ready to leave for the combine, which begins on Wednesday, about running back Kevin Jones.  Jones suffered an injury in the final month of the season that left his status for 2007 in doubt.  However, he has shown great progress recently that is bringing good news.

"He wanted to get up and do some things," Millen said. "He felt pretty good. I'm encouraged by that now. The swelling is down. He was telling me that he'll be ready for training camp.

"Now, you don't know yet, but where we are right now, I feel pretty good."

That is very good to hear.  If Jones could get back to a position where is ready for training camp, then the Lions wouldn't necessarily have to go out and find a running back for next season.  You always want insurance just in case the worst happens, but if Jones was healthy by let's say July, then it would take some of the pressure off.