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Please Welcome Big Blue View to SBN

Earlier this week, SportsBlogs Nation added a new NFL blog that covers the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Now, just days later, SBN has made another new addition in the football department.

The latest blog to launch in the NFL category is Big Blue View, which will cover the New York Giants.  This latest site to come to the SBN network means the goal of filling all 32 teams is getting ever closer.  It sure is hard to believe that in nearly a year SBN has had so many new NFL blogs, Pride of Detroit included.

The Giants actually play Detroit next year at Ford Field.  It'll be a tough game with Eli Manning coming to town along with the rest of his team.  New York will have to reload at running back now that Tiki Barber has retired, but I'm sure that won't be their only change. With some new management, a few other players have actually been cut, and they are really changing things up in hopes of reaching the Super Bowl.

Please make your way over to Big Blue View to help welcome ETVal to SBN.