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Cory Redding Unhappy with Franchise Tag

As expected, Cory Redding wasn't a happy man after finding out he was given the franchise tag. The franchise tag is one of the NFL's worst things when it comes to players wanting to become a free agent.  A team can designate the franchise tag to one player in order to prevent that person from entering the free agent market in a serious way.  The tag basically doesn't allow a player wanting to become a free agent to go to another team.  For example, Cory Redding could now sign the one-year deal with the Lions and move on for now, explore his options and look for an offer from another team (unlikely as Detroit could match the offer and if the deal went through the Lions get two first round draft picks from his new team), or sign a long-term deal as Backus did after the initial one-year agreement.

When all is said and done, Redding will be back on the field for Detroit next year barring something completely unexpected.  That doesn't mean that he will be happy with it though.

"What do I think about it? It's a good situation to be in. I'm not complaining one bit. If it was a perfect world, I'd be gone," said Redding, adding that the Lions' losing record isn't the reason he'd want to look elsewhere.

"It's not about that," he said. "When I came here four years ago, I had the determination and drive to turn it around. When I went to (the University of) Texas, I was part of (head coach) Mack Brown's first (recruiting) class and a bunch of us, including (quarterback) Chris Simms, turned the program around. I have the same determination for Detroit."

Many other big-name players in the league have had the franchise tag designated to them, which really has caused most to be upset.  Although I'm sure they deal with it, I can imagine what these guys think.  Exploring the free agent market could lead to being signed by a great team for more money, but instead you're stuck on the Lions.  3-13 isn't fun, especially with losing being a trend for so long around Detroit now.

Either way, Redding coming back is big as the Detroit defensive line is much better off with him. Whether it is at defensive tackle or end, Redding will hopefully be an impact player.  I feel for you Cory, but just make sure that you were worth of the franchise tag in the first place.

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