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Joe Thomas is One of Few

One great thing about the annual NFL Combine is the easy access to draft prospects.  With that, players are asked about many different things.  Mainly, inquires will come about which team you would like to play for or from a local standpoint, different thoughts on playing for a specific team.

Wisconsin offensive lineman Joe Thomas has become Detroit's pick in nearly every mock draft, and from my speculation, likely will be the Lions' choice come April.  Anything could happen obviously, but Thomas was asked about his thoughts if Detroit did in fact draft him.

"I'd love to play for Detroit," Thomas said Thursday at the NFL Combine. "I grew up in Wisconsin, and obviously Michigan is very close. It would give me a great opportunity to play in front of my friends and family a lot."

"I think they're an organization that just needs a couple pieces," Thomas said. "I think they're going to take off."

The obvious question here is why would anyone want to come to the place where careers are ruined?  Well, the response from Thomas was a politically correct type of answer, but it's not like he's going to come out and say that he would absolutely not want to play in Detroit.

Either way, it sure looks like he'll end up a Lion when the pick is made in April.  Although Detroit has really turned up the "wanting a quarterback" statements recently, I really think it is just to give the #2 pick some value for a potential trade.  If teams know that you already have a pick made, then say someone wanting to move up to #2 from a spot just one or two down could just stay there.  However, if the Lions create enough of a buzz that doesn't come off as being too fake, then a team wanting a QB could trade up to take the Lions spot.  I guess you could call this draft strategy.

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