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DeAngelo Hall Wants Bly to Be Traded to Atlanta

With cornerback Dre' Bly looking for a team to be traded to, the offers will likely begin to come in soon.  Some may be just an inquiry to see what the Lions want in return, whereas others will be much more serious.  There are plenty of teams out there looking for a corner, and Bly would fit that need.  

It may not mean much, but there is one team out there that has a player hoping Bly becomes a new teammate.  Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall has made it public that he would love to have Bly in the defensive backfield alongside himself.  The two are good friends and are in contact regularly.

Knowing that Bly is on the block, Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall admitted that he has been lobbying Atlanta's front office to trade for the Lions Pro Bowl cornerback.

Hall and Bly grew up in the same area in Virginia, and Hall considers Bly an older brother. The two speak on the telephone on an almost daily basis, and Hall now is doing the small part he can to bring Bly to Atlanta.

"I'd love to see it happen," Hall said during his visit to Indianapolis.

Hall is doing more than saying he would like to have Bly join the Falcons as he is making it known with the Falcons' front office.  That could make no difference if they aren't interested, but on the other side of things, it could raise the awareness that Bly would be welcomed to Atlanta.  

With free agency beginning on March 2 and the draft nearing closer each and every week, teams are going to start filling their needs.  Whether it be a running back, wide receiver, offensive lineman, or cornerback, teams will look to fill some gaps before the draft gets here.  A franchise could go out there and make trade offers to get that one player needed, or signing a free agent could work to.  In the Detroit's case, the latter will likely happen.  Detroit will be the ones trading players away an I really doubt the return is something great enough to fill the numerous holes. Either way, it'll be a chance to address some of the issues before the draft arrives in April.

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