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London Fletcher-Baker to Redskins Already?

Bills linebacker London Fletcher-Baker will be a free agent once the signing period begins on March 2, and many teams are going to try and land the veteran.  Fletcher-Baker is a great player and would really be an upgrade to many teams' set of linebackers.  Detroit especially will be showing interest in signing Fletcher-Backer as he is a middle linebacker.  That is a position the Lions lack a strong player at.  I've got nothing against the current MLB's for Detroit, but they haven't been very successful.  Signing Fletcher-Baker would be a big improvement.

Pro Football Talk is reporting that there is a rumor spreading around the combine that London Fletcher-Baker has found his new team already.

One of the hot rumors in Indy is that Bills linebacker London Fletcher already has struck a deal with the Washington Redskins.  

Fletcher, a nine-year veteran who has played with the Rams and the Bills, was believed to be a target of the Redskins and the Lions, and possibly others.  

Of course, even if the 'Skins and Fletcher have a deal, it doesn't mean that the arrangement is binding.  Since any contact between a pending free agent and a different team is prohibited, there can be no binding contract at this point.

The last paragraph of that quote is probably the most important.  As of right now, any kind of verbal agreement or something of that sort means nothing.  Plus, I believe there could be some form of tampering charge that could be filed by the Bills against the Redskins if it was found out they were already in talks.  I'm not 100% sure on that, but I believe I've heard that before.

I'd like to stress that this is just a rumor, meaning it could have some truth to it or none at all.  I'll hope that this is the "none at all" type as I want the Lions to pursue Fletcher-Baker.  He'd be great to add to the linebackers trio and would fill the need for a MLB.

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