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Dre' Bly to Denver?

The speculation is staring to heat up regarding where exactly Lions cornerback Dre' Bly will end up.  Bly was given permission to seek a trade and it is expected a deal could be coming in the next week or so.  

Currently, there hasn't been much solid information as to where Bly might get traded.  His agent discussed Tennessee as a possibility in a Nashville paper earlier, and then DeAngelo Hall came out and said he'd like to have Bly as a teammate in Atlanta.  The latest is that Bly could be on his way west to Denver.

The story out of Detroit is that the Lions are willing to part with cornerback Dre' Bly, and it should not take a first-round pick ... or maybe not even a second-round pick. From what I could gather, the best landing spot for Bly is Denver for possibly a third-round pick and a player or two. Detroit has a number of needs, and the Denver roster has a few guys who could help them. The sad and sudden death of running back Damien Nash will probably put the trade talks on hold for the time being, though.

I like it.  If the Lions could get a third round pick as well as a player or two in exchange for Bly then I would say it's a solid trade.  The expected return for Bly is a late first day pick or maybe even an early second day pick if no deals were coming.  Plus, there have been talks that Bly could actually be released if no trade was made, so getting a pick and even one player would be great.  Giving up Bly for nothing wouldn't make sense, but getting a draft pick in return helps for filling further gaps on this team.

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