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Lions Notes: More Roster Rumors

I got too busy with the Michigan/Michigan State game last night to get a few separate posts up, so I'm just going to condense them into one.  

  • The folks out in Denver seem to take to the idea of Dre' Bly getting traded to the Broncos.
    Bly, 29, is among several Detroit Lions players who have been given permission to shop themselves to other NFL teams. The Broncos meet the eight-year pro's yardstick as a playoff-caliber franchise. And from the Broncos' perspective, they would be receiving a two-time Pro Bowl selection they could pair with Champ Bailey to form one of the league's strongest tandems.

    The Broncos have an extra third-round pick in the April draft to possibly dangle as trade bait, owning their selection plus one they acquired from the Washington Redskins. That compensation might satiate the Lions, but there are other issues to consider.

    The Broncos aren't flush in salary-cap money and likely would have to rework Bly's deal, which includes a base salary of $4.2 million this season.

    And with the free-agent market thin at the position, the Broncos likely would face competition for Bly's services. Published reports have listed the Tennessee Titans and Atlanta Falcons among the potential suitors.

    Some potential players to come along with a draft pick:
    The Lions are likely looking for a third-round pick and a player or players. Among the players Denver would be open to trading are quarterback Jake Plummer, right tackle George Foster and running back Tatum Bell.

    I think Plummer will be traded, but not to Detroit, that's obvious.  As for Foster and Bell, I would definitely like that trade if one of those players came along with a draft pick.  Foster would add depth to the o-line and maybe could open up a change for a draft pick other than Joe Thomas.  Tatum Bell would complement Kevin Jones nicely and would add the insurance needed just in case Jones isn't healthy next season.

  • Expect a few players to be cut before roster bonuses are due this Friday.
    There is more urgency for defensive end James Hall and guard Ross Verba . Both have signing bonuses due before the free-agent signing period begins Friday. The Lions will release them rather than pay the signing bonus.

    The St. Louis Rams apparently have a strong interest in Hall. Tight end Marcus Pollard also could command some interest.

    There is no trade market for defensive tackle Marcus Bell.

    These players are being "weeded out" as Rod Marinelli tries to get a roster that is more to his liking.

  • Former Lions quarterback Joey Harrington is probably going to be cut after getting traded to Miami last year.
    Last week, it became clear the Dolphins also had made preliminary plans to part ways with quarterback Joey Harrington and guard Seth McKinney, and defensive end Kevin Carter's fate remains in discussions.

    Those moves, which are likely by the week's end, have yet to be made. Unlike McIntosh, each of the other three players is still under contract.

    I must say it was a good job by Millen to get a draft pick out of Harrington when he left. Miami won't likely get the same result.  With a second day draft choice, you can find one of those treasured hidden gems.

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