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Only 7 Months Until Next Season

The Super Bowl is always a sad time for football fans as it means the NFL season is on hiatus until the following September.  That case is true for me as I've had a great time blogging about the Lions and the NFL in general over the course of this past season and can't wait to get it started again.  Although there will be more than enough to talk about during the offseason, there's nothing like recapping a blown fourth quarter lead or talking about the latest outlandish comments from Roy Williams.

The 2007 NFL season begins in 7 or so months and already I can't wait.  I'm sure this is mainly because it means the Lions no longer are a last place team and hopes of winning for a change are still in tact.  Plus, football will be back until February.

7 months seems like a long time to wait for the next regular season, but the great thing about the NFL offseason is that it never really stops.  There are a ton of events spaced out in good time to keep your football fix satisfied.

For example, the Pro Bowl is this Saturday.  It may mean nothing and be a meaningless game, but it's still football.  Once the playing days end for the NFL, it's time to start getting into roster adjustments.  The combine comes in a few weeks so we all can hear the latest about the incoming draft class.  Then, free agency beings and hopes that the one player your team needs is signed come and go.  Finally, to cap off the spring months, the NFL Draft arrives in late April to provide one of the most exciting and interesting weekends in all of sports.

As the mini-camps finish up and we head into the dog days of the summer, training camp begins before you can even blink.  That is the true start of the next season kicking into gear as players begin practicing and position battles become heated.  Roster cuts and other players' actions will provide great drama for us to follow as the preseason nears.  Once actual games are beginning to be played again, it is just weeks until the next season officially begins.

Fantasy football drafts are made and early bragging rights commence before the 17 week season kicks off and leads us into the playoffs.  Before you know it we'll be talking about the big plays of Super Bowl XLII and will be saying this same exact thing as it all starts the cycle over again.  

I don't know about you, but next season can't come soon enough.