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So Much for the Commercials

You'd think that a company spending $2.6 million for an ad spot in the Super Bowl would make the actual ad good considering the lofty price.  Apparently not this year.  I was amazed at how many bad commercials graced my TV screen during Super Bowl XLI.  There were some that just were just not funny at all and others that were absolutely stupid.

For example, Snickers, which presented my least favorite commercial, featured two mechanics "accidentally" kissing after both bit onto a Snickers bar.  I won't go into any farther detail as I was just perplexed that Snickers would have a commercial like that.  Do they realize that this is the Super Bowl?  Two guys kissing isn't exactly what the average football fan wants to see.  Plus, they've already dropped that ad campaign due to the negative outcry.  Great call on that idea.

Sifting through all of the bad commercials, the usual companies stood out.  Anheuser-Busch had the best commercials from one company as usual.  Also, Blockbuster presented a very funny ad along with's usual "controversial" ad.  Although, it wasn't that bad this year since CBS rejected their other ideas.  But overall, one of my personal favorite commercials had to be Bud Light's ad that had Carlos Mencia teaching people how to speak English.  In the end, it was funny and not that politically correct, which never is a bad thing in my book.  Take a look:

Here's to next year's commercials being better as a whole, because I'd have to give them a big thumbs down as so many weren't funny at all. And please, no guys kissing this time.