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Looking Ahead: 2007 Away Schedule

The offseason is officially here and that means that putting 2006 out of our minds is now ok.  A dismal 3-13 finish wasn't exactly what I was expecting, nor what I was hoping for.  Nonetheless, the 2007 season may be a good 7 months away, but it's never too early to start looking at the schedule.  Dates and times aren't going to be released until early April, but the actual teams Detroit plays is out.

Today, we'll look at the 2007 away schedule.  Aside from the divisional games, Detroit has to make three trips west for a game as well two east.  Let's dig in and take a look.

@ Chicago

The defending NFC champs host Detroit in an annual divisional contest. The Lions haven't been successful in Chicago recently, but could always come away with the upset. Chicago beat the Lions easily this past season at Soldier Field, and I'd expect a similar outcome as of right now in 2007.

Early Prediction: Likely loss

@ Green Bay

Another divisional rivalry makes it way to Lambeau Field as the Lions and Packers square off in what could be one of Brett Favre's final games against Detroit. The Lions just barely lost at Green Bay in '06, and have a good chance of pulling out the victory this time. It'll be important to win games where the opposing team is relatively evenly matched, especially on the road. I see this game as being one of those types. It could go either way.

Early Prediction: Toss-up

@ Minnesota

Detroit not only hasn't won on the road against the Vikings, but the Lions can't win period against Minnesota. I don't know what it is about this opponent, but a win has to come eventually. Jon Kitna's collapse ended those hopes in the Metrodome last season, but this year may actually provide a great opportunity to walk away with a victory.

Early Prediction: Toss-up

@ Philadelphia

Donovan McNabb returns to the Eagles with big hopes in 2007. Detroit will not have it easy in Philadelphia as it's a tough place to play and a tough team on the other side on top of that. In the end, I don't like the Lions' chances in this game.

Early Prediction: Likely loss

@ Washington

Another game on the road with an NFC East team seems to be a bit easier than one with Philadelphia, but with the Lions you never know. I'm going to categorize this as another toss-up for the time being, but I'll still give Washington an edge since it's in their stadium.

Early Prediction: Toss-up

@ Arizona

As mentioned earlier, Detroit faces a road trip out west three times this coming season. The first is a rematch of the past season with Arizona at the host of Super Bowl XLII. Detroit lost last season in a game that was more than boring. Kevin Jones left injured early on and that left Detroit with no chance. This next season should provide a great opportunity for a win if everyone is healthy and when the game is scheduled. The Cards should be better, but with a new coach, how long will it take for the team to play as just that?

Early Prediction: Toss-up

@ Oakland

The Lions played in Oakland during last year's preseason and got demolished. Preseason doesn't mean anything and Rod Marinelli has his dumb travel plan idea implemented that week. I actually think Detroit should win this as of right now. Oakland stunk last year, and with a coach that has no head coaching expereince, especially in the NFL, why should I think they will be any better?

Early Prediction: Likely win

@ San Diego

I can already see L.T. scoring touchdowns on Detroit in this game. The Chargers are good, and should be just as good or even better next season. Rivers will have expereince as a quarterback now and obviously, there's L.T. Add in a defense that includes Shawne Merriman and it looks to be a long day for the Lions.

Early Prediction: Likely loss

A look ahead to the 2007 home schedule will be posted tomorrow next week.