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Dre' Bly Traded to Denver

Per Michael Smith of ESPN:

The Detroit Lions have agreed to send cornerback Dre' Bly to the Denver Broncos in exchange for running back Tatum Bell, tackle George Foster and a draft choice, believed to be a fifth-round pick.

Trades cannot become official until Friday, the first day of the league year.

As the last line says, the deal won't officially go through until tomorrow.  

This in my opinion is a great trade.  I had thought that the Lions would get a third round pick and either Tatum Bell or George Foster.  Instead, the Lions got both players and still received a draft pick in the fifth round.

With this trade, the draft strategy will have to be rethought a bit.  I no longer see Adrian Peterson as an option at all considering Kevin Jones is set to be back by next season and if not, Tatum Bell is there.  Also, I think that if there is a good enough deal in place to trade down, the Lions might be more susceptible to do so now that George Foster is on the team.  He is a right tackle, which means that the Lions wouldn't have an absolute need for Joe Thomas.  I still see him as a good pick no matter what as Foster just adds depth either way.  However, let's say Arizona does offer Detroit to swap picks and throws in a second and third rounder as well.  Detroit could go to number five and pick Gaines Adams or Jamaal Anderson, or even go down a few more spots a second time to get someone like Patrick Willis.

Look for even more transactions from the Lions in the next day.  There will be a few cuts and probably a signing right off the bat.  Check back in at Pride of Detroit for continuous updates.

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