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Lions Sign Shaun McDonald

Detroit signed a former Rams wide receiver today, but it wasn't Kevin Curtis.  Instead, the Lions brought in a teammate.

The Detroit Lions added depth to their receiver corps Monday by getting free agent Shaun McDonald of the St. Louis Rams to agree to terms on a two-year contract.

McDonald, who played at Arizona State, was a backup receiver and return specialist for most of his four seasons with the Rams. Signing McDonald most likely will remove the Lions from contention for signing free-agent receiver Kevin Curtis, McDonald's teammate in St. Louis.

I don't necessarily agree with that last sentence.  Although this does lessen the chances that Curtis could end up in Detroit, it doesn't completely eliminate them.  Detroit may still opt to bring in Curtis as he is probably more talented than McDonald and would serve as the #2 or #3 receiver.  We'll just have to see, but I don't think the Lions are done quite yet.