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Free Agency Period Is Here

It has almost been a month since the Colts won Super Bowl XLI, and already the offseason is in full swing.  March is here, which puts the NFL Draft a month away, but it also means it's time for the free agency period.  Every year, there are moves that make teams into playoff contenders and others that make them into cellar dwellers.  It is a very exciting time that really shows the NFL never dies even when games aren't being played.

Specifically for the Detroit Lions, free agency has a big question mark.  There are a few definite moves set to happen anytime now, but others that we are all unsure of.  First, there are the players that will become free agents.  Detroit is going to make some cuts today.  It doesn't appear that a trade was made to send James Hall somewhere, so he will be let go.  Then also, Marcus Bell is expected to be released soon.

There are many positions on the roster that the Lions need to address at some time during the offseason.  Most are on defense and free agency features many players that could fill those voids.  However, I wouldn't bet on Detroit being that active as it seems many players already have found new teams as "under the table" deals have been in place for the last week or so.  On the defensive side, DE, MLB, and CB are the positions seeking some help.  With James Hall gone, there is a need for a starting DE.  Then the two players at MLB really haven't lived up to their expectations, which brings a need for someone better.  Finally, now that Dre' Bly is gone, a spot for a cornerback opens up.

I see the Lions going after four or five defensive players and maybe signing one or two at most. Cato June, a linebacker on the Colts, has been mentioned before despite playing on the outside. The plus to June is that he plays in the Cover 2 defense, which Detroit runs, and it is believed that he could switch inside if the Lions opted to sign him.  Since there isn't a great amount of players for the Lions to realistically sign, I expect these needs to be addressed during the draft as there is a ton of talent out there in these very positions.

Let the craziness of free agency begin.  Expect to hear speculation, rumors, and many other things in the coming weeks, especially in the first few days, as teams try to find new players that will make them better.  My prediction on Detroit's first signing really is a no-brainer.  Look for Rams receiver Kevin Curtis to be signed by Detroit in the next 24 hours.  Curtis played under Martz and would be a great #3 WR for the Lions.

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